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A Traditionl Term Loan Is A Lump Sum Of Cash You Pay Back , Plus Interest , Over A Fixed Period Of Time. Eligibility For The Lowest Rates Is Limited To The Healthiest Businesses Finesses With The Strongest Cash Flows ,And Typically Businesses That Have Shown And Excellent Payment History On Prior Loan Products With Garrtech Funding

Helping your business grow, Garrtech Funding’s term loan

Types of Term Loans and what is best for you?

Term Loan varies in case of small businesses in terms of growth needs, credit rating, cash flow, revenue and such like. Term loans even vary in terms of length starting from 1 year to 5 years and payment structure which can be daily as well as monthly. The loan amount and interest rates vary on your business needs and repayment term depends on business financials. It is available from traditional banks as well as other financial lenders.

A term loan can be utilized for various business-related functionalities like purchasing inventory, work capital addition, refinance debts, meet tax or payroll obligation and much more. There are no loan usage restrictions as such. But the best thing to do with it is business expansion.  In some cases, it is also referred to as medium-term loans in order to remove any confusion related to shorter-term alternatives.

Fee Structure

The fee structure is not uniform for term loans. There are no equal payment parts in interest or principal payment on a monthly basis. If you plan to pay off the loan early you might still end up paying maximum part of the interest. The monthly payment amount may remain the same but the proportion of interest and principal within it varies. It is better to ask the lender for an amortization schedule for an overall understanding of the loan terms.

Before pushing forward with a loan, it’s important to take a step back and look over your company’s finances as they are. The ratio of money you’ve poured into the company versus the amount of you’ve already taken as loans is heavily considered by investors. Known as the debt to equity ratio, this number (if swinging poorly in one direction) can be the limiting factor in the number of options available to you. Still, even if this number is working against you, there are still ways to make the most out of the situation.When your company has more debt (money loaned) than equity (money invested), it’s a good idea to look into equity financing. This will provide an influx of cash that will increase the amount of capital you control as the owner. Equity financing essentially involves small business administration loans and is something worth looking into as a start-up because it provides advantages that debt financing cannot. Equity financing is about drawing up funds that won’t add further debt penalties to the company and are often less stringent about when they’re required to be paid back. If equity financing does not seem like a viable option, and your company has just recently been established, then the SBA supported micro-loan program might be the right one for you. These loans are relatively small, in the amount of fifty thousand dollars, but are dedicated to supporting newly established or recently expanding small businesses.

Hi Merchant , My name's Nay Funding Advisor & Telemarketing supervisor Specialist in Medium Term Loans at Garrtech Funding . We Also provide Business Cash Advance & Merchant Cash Advance . Don't hesitate in asking about this program. Get in touch Toll-Free 1-800-880-0349 ext 502

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A term loan is a common form of a short term business loan that can be defined as borrowing some money for business purpose and then returning it in installments with interest. The rate of interest for short term loan is usually fixed, however, it may be variable in certain conditions. A term loan is a great advantage for business owners who have a business idea but lack the capital needed for it. While applying for a short term business loan, some market research is always advantageous. That includes using a term loan calculator that will help you determine the exact amount of finance that you will receive. There may be many deceiving options in the market, promising you great options on interest for term loan but you must research well to avoid falling victim to it. One of the key points to be kept in mind while applying for a term loan is whether it is fixed or floating. A fixed short term business loan has a fixed rate of interest, irrespective of the market fluctuations. A floating rate of interest depends on the market fluctuations and can therefore work in or against your favor.


  • Fixed Payment structure
  • Monthly Payment lower than short term loans
  • Longer payment term than short term loans
  • Suited for variety of business needs

Turn Downs

  • Probable prepayment penalty


The term loan can be used for any business purpose, be small business term loans or for upgrading an equipment. It is a preset amount of money lend with set interest rate. The interest can be either fixed or variable. The money is paid back over a fixed time period at regular intervals with increment.

  • Loan amount range varies from $25,000 to $500,000
  • Loan term varies from 1 to 5 years
  • Interest rates vary from 7% to 30%
  • Time of approval is as small as 2 days

To know more you can get in touch with us and we can share the details with you.


Getting a term loan is not that easy. Do you have a low credit score or no collateral? Then it is difficult to get a term loan. In the case of collateral, it is required depending on company financials. If you fail to repay the loan you lose the collateral. In some cases, a "blanket lien" is applied. It means the same. You should always ask for prepayment penalties or other fees associated with small business term loans. Understand the features and related information of the loan beforehand to avoid any unwanted surprises. If at all you are still confused regarding the structure, drop us a email and we will get back to you. In the meantime, basic criteria include

  • Annual revenue of $75,000
  • Credit Score of 620
  • Business time of 1 year

Garrtech Term loan Customers who have been approve

  • Revenue Over $300,000 , Credit Score 680,Time in Business Over 3 years 30%
  • Revenue Over $650,000 ,Credit Score 680,Time in Business Over 6 years 50%
  • Revenue Over $1,000,000 , Credit Score 700 ,Time in Business Over 9 years 30%
  • Revenue Over $5,000,000 , Credit Score 780 ,Time in Business Over 15 years 80%
  • Revenue Over $10,000,000 , Credit Score 700 ,Time in Business Over 16 years 60%
  • Revenue Over $20,000,000 , Credit Score 700 ,Time in Business Over 20 years 90%
  • Revenue Over $5,000,000 , Credit Score 900 ,Time in Business Over 10 years 100%
  • Revenue Over $10,000,000 , Credit Score 950 ,Time in Business Over 9 years 100%


Hi Merchant , My name's Nay Funding Advisor & Telemarketing supervisor Specialist in Medium Term Loans at Garrtech Funding . We Also provide Business Cash Advance & Merchant Cash Advance . Don't hesitate in asking about this program. Get in touch Toll-Free 1-800-880-0349 ext 502

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Hi Merchant , My name's Dan Tanga Funding Specialist in Medium Term Loans at Garrtech Funding .We Also provide Business Cash Advance & Merchant Cash Advance . Don't hesitate in asking about this program. Get in touch with me Toll-Free 1-800-880-0349 ext 502 .

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