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Funding your millionaire project using a sinking fund

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  • Funding your millionaire project using a sinking fund

    Funding your millionaire project using a sinking fund


    The options available to fund a project are numerous in this technologically advanced world. We can obtain credit not only from local institutions but from international organizations giving the opportunity to select low cost and minimal risk debt through Worldwide Financing.

    This way it is possible to expand the project scope to a much higher level. The success or failure of a project can be influenced by the type of lending program that the project manager(s) choose. Most of the lending programs are bombarded with stringent regulations that come with too much control and obligations to put the lender in a safe position. The advantages that come with the sinking fund lending program puts the borrower in a beneficial position rather than the lender compared to most lending programs.
    Garrtech funding provides 100% commercial real estate financing for worldwide commercial projects through a fund structured debt program (Sinking Fund Program) except for films/movies or projects containing US real estate. Garrtech’s funding process takes 15-30 days after initial submission, ensuring the quick and fast process. CEO Mr. Roberto Garraffa heads Garrtech financing say that, Garrtech Funds projects ranging from $20 million USD – $20 billion USD with interest rates ranging from 4.5% to 5.5% annually.

    Sinking Funds : Risk

    Depending on debt for project development softens the scope and the ability to exploit the opportunity at its maximum level, as most lending programs come with exponential restrictions and conditions to fulfill lenders’ obligations. This takes a toll on the project’s success and the project managers’ ability to meet the end goal of the project. In the Sinking fund program, the client is responsible for interest payments only, and the principal is paid back via the debt structure program. Further, the interest has to be paid during a 10-year period, giving ample time for the client to execute the project without putting much pressure on the debt obligations.

    Sinking Funds : Flexibility

    Flexibility to operate the project in the best interests of clients is more crucial to gain maximum gain/result out of the project. However, this is not possible with most lending programs as they gain controlling power because of the program terms and conditions. Most lending programs do not give the flexibility to operate on the clients’ interests as they obtain some controlling power that does not let the client take decisions in the best interests of the project. This is where the edge that the Sinking fund’s program provides to the clients adding significant value by giving them the opportunity to steer the project in the direction they want with 100% control.
    To apply to the funding program borrower has to provide the project name, the country where the project is located, industry, brief, 1-2 sentence description of the project and amount needed. Garrtech funding’s primary lender has 40 years’ experience providing senior debt financing and has closed over $100 billion in worldwide projects in the last ten years. More details about the project can be found on the website linked above.

    Sinking Funds: Conclusion

    The advantages of finding a funding program that has fewer strings attached, smooth loan processing flow and quicker processing times is a rare combination. Sinking fund program not only provides debt with low risk, but it also gives full control of the project to the project manager to complete the project with greater freedom and flexibility. The advantage of having to pay only the interest part is a lifesaver for many projects that inherits significant risk. Structured debt program (sinking fund) encourages project managers to go the extra mile and take the risk head on to execute the innovative and highly risky projects. Here To Apply to Garrtech Funding referral program.


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