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Garrtech Funding Referral Program! Helping Accountants, Consultants, Lawyers, R.E. Agents, Attorneys and Advisors.

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  • Garrtech Funding Referral Program! Helping Accountants, Consultants, Lawyers, R.E. Agents, Attorneys and Advisors.

    Garrtech Funding Referral Program! Helping Accountants, Consultants, Lawyers, R.E. Agents, Attorneys and Advisors.



    Garrtech Funding Referral Program was the revolutionary idea which not only boosted our revenues but also helped so many service providers across the USA in making a lot of extra money apart from their core operations. As a matter of fact, every manager in the modern world is always focusing on how to improve the revenue by not only considering what they already have on hand (their products or services). Nowadays fast-growing organizations are developing teams to identify the opportunities available in the global market which suits them somehow, making strategies and plans on how to benefit themselves from these opportunities and generating revenues from them. Garrtech Funding Referral Program is an opportunity for you to make some extra cash with very little effort with no investment.
    Having more than one source of income is today’s key to success. If you analyze any multimillion-dollar company you will see how smartly they keep starting new lines of business so that they don’t have to rely on limited sources of revenue. Garrtech Funding Program is the opportunity of knocking your door to add one number to your sources of income to make you safe and successful.
    If you refer any small business to us seeking Merchant Cash Advance or Small Business Administration loan you will get $200 when it will get funded. Isn’t it amazing? You just need to tell someone in need of a loan from a leading financial institution of the USA and you will get paid. Please note the following simple terms for a qualified reference:


    1 – – –The client should fill and sign the application form.


    2 – – –The client must provide all the required documents like the bank statement, credit card statement, and proof of business etc. depending upon the nature of loan he is seeking.


    3 – – –The client must qualify for the loan and get funded $15 K or above. If the client desire or get funded less than $15 K, do not worry, you will still get money according to below formula:


    YOUR COMMISSION = Funded Amount / 15,000 * 200


    However, a question might come to your mind that what kind of support you will need to provide us or if there is anything to do on your part after referring someone to us. The answer is NOTHING. Yes, you read right, you just need to introduce the client to us and we will handle 100% of the work required to get the client funds. We will work directly with the new clients to serve them with a long list of financing services we can provide.
    Since the launch of our referral program, a lot of CPAs, Accountants, Consultants, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, and Advisors have boosted their income and now they are our business partners. We look forward to taking more and more professional services providers on board to help them make money as well as to expand our business. Let’s join hands to benefit each other and enhance our business circles.


    Please feel free to email Mr. Basit Rasheed (Referral Program Manager at Garrtech Funding) to start generating additional revenues. Basit is a meticulous and credible accounting, finance and business development professional who has worked with multinational organizations across the globe including the USA, Europe, Australia, Middle East, and Asia before joining Garrtech Funding. Our Referral Program team includes high profile and qualified business development professionals who have proved their selves in their professional careers and are looking forward to a great business relationship with all of you. It does not matter what services you provide to your clients, if you route them to us you will get paid!!

    Need quick financing with very little paperwork? You are at the right place!


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